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Bruno is a global manufacturer of accessibility products designed to enhance your life through innovative home and automotive improvement.

There are four main product areas on our website: Stairlifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, Vehicle Lifts, and Valet® Signature Seating. Please follow any of the links on this page to learn more about how Bruno can help you...

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Bruno Stairlifts Indoor and Outdoor Straight Rail and Curved Rail Stairlifts Bruno Vertical Platform LiftsVertical Platform Lifts Bruno Vehicle LiftsInterior/Exterior Vehicle Lifts Bruno Valet® Signature SeatingValet® Signature Seating

Residential stairlifts allow you to reclaim access to your entire home with products that exude elegance, style and dignity.

Battery power provides uninterrupted operation even during a power outage.

Only Bruno has straight and curved stairlift models featuring up to a 400 lb/ 182 kg weight capacity, and our custom curved stairlifts offer the tightest radius for inside curves in the industry.

The outdoor stairlift comes with a weather resistant cover system for protection from the elements when not in use.

Now your porch or deck is totally accessible through this affordable solution from the leader in residential accessibility technology.

The Vertical Platform Lift provides simple, rugged and reliable access to elevated landings, garage and motor home entryways, even inside your house.

With an automatic self-lowering folding ramp, 750 lb/340 kg lifting capacity and a spring sensitive bottom plate that shuts the unit down when an obstruction is encountered, Bruno’s Vertical Platform Lift is the perfect solution to your accessibility needs.

Bruno Independent Living Aids offers more solutions for the transportation of your mobility device than any other manufacturer.

Whether you drive a sedan, crossover, minivan, SUV, full-size van or pickup truck, in the vast majority of cases Bruno can complement your lifestyle with a product that helps transport your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair.

The lightest weight and easiest to operate vehicle lifts in the industry, Bruno products are known for quality and versatility, and our automotive division continually develops applications for new models.

Easy and convenient access to your vehicle has never been simpler.

Bruno is pleased to offer a complete array of revolutionary Valet® Signature Seating products.

Both manual and powered rotation seats are available, providing ideal solutions for individuals who have difficulty entering and exiting today’s sedans, crossovers, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

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