How Does a VPL Work?

Bruno VPL expert, Mark Holat, explains and demonstrates how a vertical platform lift works.

How Does a VPL Work?

People in scooters or wheelchairs find a Bruno vertical platform lift an ideal space-efficient solution to solve the challenge of vertical access up to 14 feet inside, or outside, their home.

Operating a residential vertical platform lift is easy. Just roll onto the platform and the lift will smoothly and quietly move to the next level with the push of a button. As the lift rises, the ramp automatically folds to create a safety barrier to stop a mobility device from unintentionally rolling off the platform. An optional platform gate is also available for an additional layer of safety.

Once the vertical platform lift reaches the top landing, just push open the top gate on the VPL and exit. To travel back down, reverse the process.

Bruno offers residential wheelchair lifts with different platform sizes, exits available on multiple levels and a variety of other options. Call your local factory-trained Bruno dealer today to learn more about how a vertical platform lift can serve as a “mini-elevator” to help make your home more accessible. Bruno also manufacturers commercial vertical platform lifts for schools, churches and other public buildings.

All Bruno vertical platform lifts feature a 750 lb lift capacity and are Made in the USA.

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