Best Stair Lifts (2024)

Best Stair Lifts (2024)

(Updated for 2024) Bruno crafts North America's best stair lifts to help make our customers' lives easier. Purchasing a stairlift is an important decision, so we've put together our recommendations for the best Bruno stair lifts for common application types.

Determining the best stair lift for your needs depends on several factors, such as: 

  • The configuration of your staircase

  • ​Comfort and aesthetic considerations

  • ​Desired power or customer options​

  • Brand reputation and product quality

We recommend people interested in a stair lift purchase read the information below to help determine the best stair lift model to fit their unique needs.

Made In USA

Best Stair Lifts | Factors to Consider

  • Rail Design. Bruno stair lifts feature a uniquely designed vertical stairlift rail with a hidden gear rack. This design provides an attractive appearance, reduces exposure to grease and dirt, and maximizes open space on the steps.

  • Customization. The ability to personalize a stairlift to individual needs helps separate the best stairlift brands from others. Bruno allows for a multitude of options on indoor stairlifts, including power swivel seat, power footrest, manual and power folding rail, and more.

  • Support & Reliability. Bruno boasts the nation's largest factory-trained stairlift dealer network and most positive online stair lift reviews, so it’s easy to find a Bruno dealer serving your community. We pair dealer expertise with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on indoor straight stairlifts to deliver peace of mind now and in the future.

Best Stair Lifts | Basic Straight Indoor Stairs

Bruno Elan stairlift at the top of a staircase

Recommended Model: Elan Straight Indoor Stair Lift. The Elan is the most popular choice for standard straight staircases (usually 13-16 steps). With a 300-lb lift capacity, modern styling and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Bruno Elan gives years of reliable service at an affordable cost

While many people find a standard Elan straigth indoor stairlift best fits their needs, it is capable of being further personalized. In addition to an optional folding rail - which is ideal for when a rail at the bottom of the stairs may cause an obstruction - the Elan also offers optional power folding footrest and a power swivel seat.
The Elan straight indoor stairlift is also popular for straight indoor stairways because the rail takes up less space than any stairlift on the market. Bruno's unique vertical rail installs close to the wall and maximizes open space on the steps. The rail's covered gear rack delivers a sleek appearance and reduces exposure to grease or dirt.

Best Stair Lifts | High Capacity & Comfort

Bruno Elite indoor stairlift parked on a staircase

Recommended Model: Elite Straight Indoor Stair Lift. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Bruno also offers the high-performance, high-capacity Elite indoor straight stairlift. People who desire exceptional engineering combined with maximum adjustability find the Bruno Elite indoor straight model the best stairlift for their needs.

A generously-sized seat and the ability to adjust the chair to fit one’s body type are the top reasons cited for high marks for the Bruno Elite. The Elite features a heavy-duty motor to support the 400-lb lift capacity. In addition to the superior engineering, people equally enjoy the premium styling and comfort.

The Elite straight indoor model is also the best stair lift for users who desire extra customization. An extra-large seat and footrest, power footrest, power swivel seat and a folding rail are all popular options. Multiple fabric colors allow further personalization of the Elite straight.

Best Stair Lifts | Curved Indoor Staircases

Recommended Model: Elite Curved Indoor Stair Lift. Bruno's Elite curved stairlift is renowned for being the best stair lift for indoor curved staircases or stairways with landings. Bruno’s artisan welders carefully handcraft the stair lift rail to the precise angles of the curved staircase. The result is an optimal fit that melds into every corner - often described as work of art. The Bruno Elite curved indoor stairlift delivers premium styling, a 400-lb lift capacity and is the fastest curved stair lift available in North America. 

Because the curved rail is handmade, Bruno offers a variety of optional rail configurations, such as an “overrun” or “park position”. These options extend the rail away from the steps to keep the chair out of sight or create an easier place for entering/exiting the stairlift.

The Elite curved indoor stairlift has other available options, including an extra-large seat, extra-large footrest, power swivel seat, power footrest and multiple seat colors. While the rail comes standard in a “warm gray,” optional custom rail colors are available to match your home’s décor.

Best Stair Lifts | Straight Outdoor Stairways

Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift in front of bushes

Recommended Model: Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift. Overall engineering considerations are key when determining the best stair lift for outdoor straight staircases. Bruno’s Elite outdoor stairlift is our recommendation for exterior straight staircases due to its weather-resistant materials and performance design.

Bruno’s Elite straight outdoor stairlift can withstand harsh weather (0° - 125 °F) thanks to durable outdoor painted steel surfaces, marine-grade vinyl cushioned seat and a waterproof cover.

With a 400-lb lift capacity, the top-rated Elite straight outdoor stairlift is heavy duty, yet comfortable. The chair delivers premium features like a generously-sized seat with adjustable seat and footrest height and space between armrests, plus obstruction sensing safety technology.

Best Stair Lifts | Curved Outdoor Steps

Bruno Elite curved outdoor stair lift on wooden steps

Recommended Model: Elite Curved Outdoor Stair Lift. Bruno’s Elite is the best stair lift for staircases that curve. It’s also the best-selling exterior curved stairlift in North America. The Bruno Elite curved outdoor stair lift gives dependable year-round performance from 0° - 125° F, with durable outdoor paint used on all steel surfaces while marine-grade vinyl is used on the chair of the stairlift.

Unique to any stairlift manufacturer, Bruno handcrafts its rail to ensure the best fit and ride quality - especially for staircases with angle changes. The handcrafted vertical rail allows maximum open space on the steps and features a covered gear rack to eliminate exposure to dirt.

Featuring a 400-lb lift capacity, the Bruno Elite curved outdoor stairlift combines Made in America quality and reliability.