Mr. Stairlift: What is the Best Stairlift Brand?

Learn why Made in USA Bruno stairlifts - installed by local dealers - are the best on the market.​

Mr. Stairlift: What is the Best Stairlift Brand

Read online reviews and you’ll discover that people with mobility challenges love their Bruno stairlifts. Why do stairlift customers and dealers consider Bruno best in class?

Superior quality and innovative design are the top reason people look to Bruno as a leader in the stairlift industry. For example, Bruno’s straight stairlift rail is the narrowest available on the market, leaving the most possible open space on the steps. And Bruno’s curved stairlifts feature the only hand-crafted rail in the world, resulting in extraordinarily precise installs and smooth rides.

All Bruno stairlifts are engineered and manufactured in Oconomowoc, Wi. In addition, Bruno’s entire stairlift supply chain in vastly American. That helps Bruno ensure quality and timeliness.

A Veteran-founded, family business, the third generation of Bruno’s are active in operating the company. When a product goes out the door with the Bruno name on it, the family – and entire company -- strives to ensure customers receive the best possible quality.

Another way Bruno safeguards an excellent customer experience is by selling their products through factory-trained dealers, located in local communities across the country. Bruno has the largest stairlift dealer network, and every dealer has received training at Bruno’s corporate headquarters center in Wisconsin to learn about Bruno stairlifts and gain hands-on-experience in installing and maintaining them.

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