Stairlift Beeping Solved

Find out how your local Bruno stairlift dealer can help you get rid of unwanted stairlift beeping and explain the various "modes" Bruno stairlifts offer. 

“How do I stop this beeping chair?!” 

When a person rides a Bruno stairlift to the top of a staircase, turns the chair and exits, the chairlift will beep if not swiveled back into the “forward-facing” riding position. “Why is it beeping?” and “How do I stop the beeping?” are common questions.

Bruno stairlifts ship from the factory in “multi-user” mode, meaning more than one person in a household can take advantage of the lift. For example, you may glide to the top of your stairs, swivel the stairlift seat and exit.  Your spouse then wants to use the “call/send” remote control to bring the stairlift down to the first floor, so they can then ride the lift. The stairlift will not function if the seat is in a rotated position, so the beeping reminds a user to return the seat to the “forward” position so others may use the lift.

If there is only one user of the stairlift in a home, a Bruno dealer can easily turn off the beeping feature by switching the stairlift to "single-user" mode. This will allow the user to exit the chair and leave it in a rotated position for easy exit/entry.

If you are the only user of your stairlift and would like to stop the beeping feature, please contact your local Bruno dealer.