"Keep Your Freedom of the Road"

Valet Plus Van

There’s not many things we associate with freedom of movement more than our vehicles. Visiting friends or family, running errands or just taking a Sunday drive -- our ability to “hit the road” can define our level of independence.

Health or aging issues can make getting in and out of a SUV/CUV, van or truck a challenge. As a result, traveling around town as a driver or passenger can become limited.

Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating gives back control.  With the push of a button, a Valet Signature Seat power rotates, extends beyond the vehicle frame and raises and lowers. Power turning automotive seats eliminate the back-twisting motions and strength needed to climb in and out of a high vehicle.

The quiet operation, classy appearance and ease of use make Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating a great choice for adult drivers or passengers with limited mobility or parents of children with special needs.

Power turning automotive seats were introduced to North America by Bruno over a decade ago, and Valet Signature Seating continues to lead the market in sales, safety and innovation.

Use a power rotating seat to keep your freedom of the road. Start your journey by visiting your local Bruno automotive accessibility dealer.