What Options Are Available on a VPL?

Bruno VPL expert, Mark Holat, explains what different options are available for Bruno vertical platform lifts.

What Options Are Available on a VPL?

A Bruno residential vertical platform lift (VPL) consists of a lift tower, platform and top landing gate – everything needed to provide vertical access to a person in a mobility device. A variety of options may also be added to your VPL to accommodate the unit’s specific location or a user’s abilities or desires.

With a standard Bruno vertical platform lift, a person rolls onto the platform and presses a button to engage the lift. As the VPL begins traveling, the ramp automatically folds to provide a safety barrier to prevent a mobility device from rolling backward. An optional platform gate gives a secondary safety barrier to give additional protection and peace of mind.

A “power operator” option is often added in conjunction with the platform gate. Rather than manually pulling open the platform gate, a “power operator” allows a person to simply press a button and the platform gate will automatically open.

Plexiglass top landing gates are also available as an option when additional visibility is desired. If the vertical platform lift is located on a backyard deck, for example, a Plexiglass gate can provide a clear view of the full property.

While a top landing gate is typically used for a porch or deck, it is usually necessary to order an optional full-height door if the VPL will be used to go from the garage into the home.

Platforms are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different styles of mobility devices. Contact your local factory-trained Bruno dealer to learn more about a vertical platform lift for your home and ways to customize it to meet your needs.

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