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Bruno helps keep homes, vehicles and businesses friendly for people with mobility challenges. Let Bruno give you, or a loved one, the freedom of mobility. A family-owned business, Bruno is renowned for our unwavering focus on quality and safety and our position as an industry innovation leader.


Does Medicare or Insurance Cover Stairlifts

Does Medicare Cover Stairlifts?

It’s common for people looking to purchase a stairlift to inquire on whether Medicare or their private health insurance covers all or part of the cost.

What Is The Price of a Stair Lift

What Is The Price of a Stair Lift?

Determining the cost of a stair lift varies on a variety of factors. Read more to learn more about the price of straight and curved Bruno stairlifts.

How Do Stair Lifts Operate?

Operating a stairlift is as easy as pushing a button! Learn more about the basic components of straight and curved stair lifts and their functionality.