Commercial Platform Lifts

750 lb Lift Capacity | 2-Year Limited Warranty

Access to stages, porches or short distances are common uses of Bruno’s affordable commercial platform lift. Verify that local codes allow for an unenclosed wheelchair lift solution. Made in America quality with weather-protected controls for inside or outside applications. 

Commercial Platform Lift Brochure

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Commercial Platform Lift | Highlights

Effortless Operation

Self-lowering ramp folds down for smooth roll on/off access. Ramp automatically folds up when VPL is in use to create a safety barrier. Pressure-control rocker switch provides easy up/down operation.

Safety Systems

Unit shuts down when obstruction is touched under platform. Emergency stop and audio/visual alarm. Top/bottom limit switches and upper/lower final limit safety switches.

Versatile Placement

Weather-protected controls and power-coated paint protect VPL and enable installation indoors out outside, providing access up to 53 inches.

Code Compliant

Designed in accordance with ASME A18.1 section 2 and can be used in most applications to meet ANSI A117.1 National Accessibility Guidelines. Verify that local codes allow for an unenclosed wheelchair lift solution.

Commercial Platform Lift | Options

Bruno Platform Lift Landing Call/Send Station

Landing Call/Send Station

Add a landing call/send station to operate platform lift from outside the lift.

Bruno platform lift top landing gate on blue deck

Top Landing Gate

Includes call/send control with key & mechanical interlock or electrical strike interlock (ESI).

Bruno platform lift gate operator

Platform Gate Operator

Improve ease of operation with an optional platform gate operator.

Platform Gate for Bruno Platform LIift

Platform Gate

Increase safety with optional platform gate. Recommended for all unenclosed applications.

Power assisted Bruno VPL door/gate operator

Power Assisted Operator

Easily access Bruno VPL with power assisted door/gate operator.

Commercial Platform Lift | Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • VPL-3300 Tech Spec  -  (PDF)

  • VPL-3300 3-Part Spec  -  (PDF)  |  (DOC)

  • VPL-3300 10-Part Spec  -  (PDF)

Application Drawings

To improve file sharing, we have combined relevant DWG, DXF and PDFs into easily downloaded .zip files:

  • ILS-00804: Top Landing Gate Framing
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)

  • ILS-00938: Top Landing Gate Detail
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)

  • ILS-01102: Straight-Thru Platform w/ Gate [No Pit]
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)

  • ILS-01103: Straight-Thru Platform w/ Gate [Pit]
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)

  • ILS-01104: 90-Degree/Adjacent Exit Platorm w/ Gate [No Pit]
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)

  • ILS-01105: 90-Degree/Adjacent Exit Platorm w/ Gate [Pit]
    (PDF)  |  (ZIP)