Top Considerations When Purchasing a VPL

Bruno VPL expert, Mark Holat, provides his top considerations when purchasing a VPL.​

Top Considerations When Purchasing a VPL

Keep in mind safety and usability considerations when choosing the best vertical platform lift for your home.  Bruno Independent Living Aids strictly adheres to national safety standards that relate to VPLs but be wary of brands that “cut corners.” Ensure that any VPL you put in your home has standard safety features:

  • Barrier to protect mobility device from rolling backward. When a user of a Bruno VPL rolls onto the platform and presses the button to engage the lift, the ramp will automatically fold up to create a safety barrier to stop the mobility device from rolling backward. Gain an additional layer of security with the addition of an optional platform gate.

  • Gate/door at top landing to prevent falls from top.  At the top landing, there should always be a landing gate or door to prevent someone from falling from the landing when the VPL is in the lowered position.

  • Obstruction safety sensors to identify crushing hazards. An obstruction safety sensor located under the platform of a vertical platform lift gently stops the VPL if it encounters an object. This is vital to avoid crushing an animal, toy or other object that may get under the platform when the lift is in the raised position.

In addition to safety, remember usability considerations of a VPL to ensure your unit includes the features and options required for your specific situation. You local, factory-trained Bruno dealer will look at the site location, listen to your needs and recommend the best solution to provide you with immediate and long-term peace of mind now.

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