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Stair Lift Reviews

Reading stair lift reviews and educational articles - like the 2019 Bruno Stair Lift Guide - is an important part of determining which company and model is the best fit for your home and needs. 

As a family-owned-and-operated, third-generation company, Bruno is proud to make the most most-highly rated stair lifts in the U.S. and Canada. All our stair lifts are designed to deliver superior performance, lasting comfort and peace of mind. 

Please take a moment to see what real Bruno stair lift owners are saying about their experiences!

Customer Testimonials | Bruno Stair Lifts

Wendell & Sue's Story | Bruno Stair Lifts


Wendell & Sue from
California, USA

"If you love somebody, you want them to be safe"

"If you love somebody, you want them to be safe. Remodeling the house was not an option and there was no question about moving, because neither of us wanted to leave this house and this neighborhood. We contacted the local Bruno dealer. They came out to show us what they had to offer. Being hand-crafted is an advantage. The Bruno stair lift has taken a lot of worry away from me, because now I don't concern myself when he's going up and down the stairs. To have this Bruno stair lift is just one more thing that makes this house livable and enjoyable, which I wanted it to be. Our Bruno stair lift is the best thing to happen to us."

Benna's Story | Bruno Stair Lifts


Benna K. from
Michigan, USA

"Bruno is going to be there for you from beginning to end"

"I needed stairlifts in order to access the upper and lower levels in the beautiful home my husband and I purchased. After inviting a number of people to bid on the job, we found a dealer who was very knowledgeable and represented Bruno in the best way. To have the freedom to be able to go anywhere to do anything at any time with or without help is absolutely phenomenal. I've always been a very active person, and I didn't want that to change in spite of the challenges I had. Maintaining my independence was absolutely paramount. I can't recommend highly enough giving Bruno a try. Bruno is going to be there for you from beginning to end."

Online Reviews | Bruno Stair Lifts

Why Are Stair Lift Reviews Important?

We encourage customers considering a stair lift purchase to read our reviews because we’re confident we build the highest-quality stairlifts available. Bruno boasts more stairlift reviews than any other North American brand with over 1,700 unique stairlift reviews.

Reviews about Bruno stair lifts are available online from respected, independent third-party review sites Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot. You’ll be able to see star ratings and read stair lift review comments by verified Bruno stairlift owners. 
Bruno stairlifts are Made in America, and we consistently receive the highest quantity and quality of stairlift reviews in the United States and Canada. We expect excellence from our Bruno stairlifts and authorized Bruno dealers, and we welcome the opportunity to have our customers submit their stairlift reviews.
See what real Bruno customers are saying about their stair lifts!