Does Medicare Pay For Stairlifts?

It’s common for people looking to purchase a stairlift to inquire on whether Medicare or their private health insurance covers all or part of the cost.

Medicare and private health insurance in the US do not usually cover the cost of purchasing of a stair lift. Rather, the purchase of a stairlift is generally private pay. If you need financial assistance to purchase a stairlift, ask your Bruno dealer about financing options.

Many authorized Bruno dealers offer stairlift financing plans that allow you to get your stair lift installed right away, but pay for it over an extended period of time. Paying for a stairlift at the time of installation is the most common and cost-effective method of purchasing, however, financing plans allow you to enjoy the comfort and safety of a stairlift without having to cover the entire cost at one time.

While Medicare and private insurance do not cover the cost of stairlifts, many Bruno dealers offer a variety of options that best fits your finances: full payment, payment plan or rental. Contact a local Bruno dealer serving your area to discover the best options for the stairlift you need.

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