How Are Stair Lifts Powered?

Mr. Stairlift explains how Bruno stair lifts are powered and charged in your home.​

Mr. Stairlift: How Are Stairlifts Powered?

With a reliable Bruno stair lift, you can rest assured your chairlift will always be powered. Bruno was the first manufacturer in North America to fully integrate battery-powered operation into our stair lifts. Each chairlift operates via two, maintenance-free, 12v batteries located inside the carriage of the stairlift.

Bruno stairlifts use a "smart" battery charger, which works with any standard household power outlet, to constantly monitor the status of your unit's batteries. Charge strips on the back of Bruno’s rail system ensure your stairlift's batteries are fully charged and ready to go at all times, no matter where the stairlift chair is parked.

Your Bruno stairlift will continue to work even if the electricity goes out. On average, a Bruno stair lift will travel approximately 10-12 round trips during a power outage, depending on the length of your staircase and the weight of the user.

Under regular circumstances, Bruno’s stair lift batteries will last three to five years before being replaced by a local Bruno dealer. Gain the peace of mind that your battery-powered Bruno stair lift will always be ready to glide you up the stairs with ease.

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