How Do Stairlifts Operate?

When a staircase makes enjoying your entire home a challenge, an indoor or outdoor Bruno stair lift is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.

All stair lifts share three main components: the rail, the seat, and the drive system, often called the “carriage,” which powers the chairlift.

To use a Bruno stair lift, simply sit on the seat, fasten the seatbelt, push the rocker switch on seat’s armrest, and the stairlift will glide smoothly up the rail. If you have a preference to operate the stair lift using your left or right hand, no problem. Your Bruno dealer can quickly change the rocker switch to whichever side is most convenient.

Elan Straight Stair Lift | Operation

Bruno stair lifts feature a “soft start/stop” to ensure the chairlift moves gently from the beginning to end of your staircase. To stop the stair lift, simply release the rocker switch and the unit stops moving.

Once the chairlift has reached the top of the staircase, pull up a level located on the side of the seat, and the stair lift seat smoothly swivels ninety degrees and locks in place for an easy, safe exit.

Elan Straight Stair Lift | Easy On-Off

The seat, arms and footrest of a Bruno stair lift can be folded up when not in use to allow for maximum open space on the steps. In addition, all Bruno stair lifts include two wireless remotes, to allow a person not sitting on the chairlift to call or send the stair lift up or down the staircase.

Each Bruno stair lift is powered by two 12-volt batteries that are continually charging the unit to ensure the unit operates even in the event of a power outage.

Bruno stairlifts are engineered and manufactured in the USA and receive the best stair lift reviews in the industry for ease of use and high-quality reliability. Call a Bruno dealer today to learn more how stair lift is a simple, safe solution to help you enjoy all levels of your home again.

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