Will A Stair Lift Fit My Staircase?

Mr. Stairlift explains how a Bruno stair lift will fit your needs and your staircase.​

Mr. Stairlift: Will A Stairlift Fit My Staircase?

There is a Bruno stair lift to fit almost any type of staircase.

Thanks to the narrowest rail in the industry, Bruno’s straight stairlifts leave the most open space on your steps. Bruno’s unique vertical rail system installs only five inches from the wall, and the stair lift folds to a slim profile when not in use.

While other stair lift manufacturers use a modular rail for curved staircases, Bruno custom-crafts all curved rails to ensure each stairlift meticulously follow every angle of your staircase. This precision results in a graceful appearance and maximum open space on the steps.

Bruno chairlift seats are designed to fit most body types and capabilities. Bruno’s best-selling Elan (300-lb capacity) features spacious width between its armrests and a seat purposefully-designed to be deeper than other stairlifts, which helps improve ride comfort. A Bruno dealer can also adjust the Elan seat and footrest to best accommodate different user requirements.

Bruno’s Elite stairlifts (400-lb capacity) adds luxury-level comfort, including plush seat padding, and adjustable armrest width, footrest placement and seat height. Add options such as an extra-wide seat and extra-long footrest to further personalize the lift to your needs.

Ask your local Bruno dealer about coming to your home for a free assessment to ensure you get the stair lift that best fits your stairs, body type and mobility needs.

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